still here :)

Yes, I am still here! In the past couple of weeks, I have been busy 1: packing up our entire apartment 2: cleaning our entire apartment 3: long-distance apartment hunting (oh joy) 4: advertising for students 5: piano studio planning 6: taking lots of pictures (did I mention I am sort of an amateur photographer?) 7: editing lots of pictures, and 8: trying to fit everything and everyone in that we want to do and see in Utah before moving to Texas. I would love to discuss more about memorization (and we definitely will soon!) but for now here are our poll results:

How do you usually teach memorization:?

Other response:
Using "memory stations"

I love the "memory station" technique (I call it "starting places") and find it so helpful in preparing students for recitals. Thanks to all who took the poll!

Now, since piano studio planning is on my mind, and I am sure many of you are currently preparing for fall lessons, I'd like to pose a question - and I am excited to see your comments!

If you had the chance to completely re-start your piano studio, what would you do differently?

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