what are your favorite books about piano teaching?

I hope you all had a wonderful week! I just drove for six hours home from visiting my in-laws in eastern Oregon (gearing up for a loooong drive from Utah to Texas in August!). Why is it that my two-year-old stays awake for the entire drive, until about 20 minutes from home when he finally decides to fall asleep? Good times. Well, here are our poll results from this weeks polls about sight reading!

How important would you say sight reading is in a piano education?

How often do you teach/require sight reading in your studio?

Thanks to all who participated in our polls!

This week I'd like to talk about books about piano pedagogy (or just about piano and music in general!), and some helpful things I've learned from them. I hope you will also share some of your favorite piano/pedagogy books, or books that have been most helpful to you in your own teaching. I am always up for a new read that will give me some fresh ideas about teaching! In place of our weekly poll, this week I'd love it if you could leave a brief comment on this post, telling us one of your favorite books about piano teaching/piano!

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