Principles of Intermediate Technique

Teaching technique to your students can seem like an intimidating task at times; at least I think so! For a budding pianist, developing a good, healthy technique is one of the most important things to do to become a fine pianist and a good musician. So how can we, as teachers, make sure we are helping our students develop good technique? 

Each teacher has different ideas about technique, was taught technique differently (depending on the teachers we all had as young pianists), and stresses different techniques to their own students. For this reason, I hope we can get a lot of input and comments as to how you go about teaching your students technique, or how you were taught technique.

When teaching intermediate students, I feel that there are three main important techniques to help our students develop, as well as one other important point we should stress to our students.
What techniques do you feel are important to teach your intermediate students?

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