pretty poll results

Thanks to all who participated in this week's poll! It seems that scales & arpeggios and Hanon exercises are pretty common for our intermediate students. I personally feel that a good mix of all of the options are ideal in teaching our students good technique.

So, I was getting tired of the same boring colors on the poll results - and realized I could easily change them! Sweet. That makes me happy. So here are the results -

How do you most often teach technique to intermediate students?

This week we will be focusing a little more on ourselves as teachers - specifically on a way to maintain our professional skills. Our topic for this week will be: Maintaining Professional Skills: Continuing Your Own Piano Study. Do you still take piano lessons? Do you practice regularly? How do you keep up your piano skills, and how does this influence your teaching? 

One of the questions in our reader survey asks how you maintain your professional skills. Out of the 34 people who have answered this question so far (head on over there and take it if you haven't already!), 22 people said that they practice the piano regularly, 21 said that they perform for their students and others, and 8 said that they are currently taking formal piano lessons.

Have a wonderful week, and we look forward to your comments!

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