Piano Teaching Q&A: Fun Summer Programs

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What are some fun camps, programs, and incentives that you do in your studio during the summer months?

One thing that I would love to incorporate in my own studio during the summer is some sort of piano camp. Now I have never done this before, so these are just ideas (and I would love to hear from people who have actually done summer camps!) - but I would love to incorporate things into a camp such as fun theory games, music history, and fun duets (and other fun ensemble pieces, like quartets). Field trips and concerts would also be awesome! A summer camp would be an excellent way to supplement the students' music education, because you would be able to cover (in a fun way) so many concepts that there is just not enough time for in regular lessons. Summer camps also are a great way to build up your studio and find new students. What kind of things do you do for summer camps?

Incentive programs are also a great idea - one that I have done before is a practicing contest. Because each of my students have different practice goals (more on that next week), students received points in the contest if they reached their individual practice goals for the week. A competition is sometimes just what students need for a little extra motivation!

Sometimes summertime is an excellent time for a fun recital! You can pick a theme and a venue, and make it special and different than your usual studio recitals. In the past I have loved doing duet recitals - students team up and learn some great duets together (which can be a fun way to motivate students and help them get to know each other). Janina and I once did a duet recital with both of our studios combined, and we held it at a local rest home and performed for the great people who lived there.

Summer is a wonderful time to be creative and have a lot of fun with your teaching. What are some ways you have spiced up your studio during the summer months? Also, take a minute and take our poll!

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