teaching how to teach

Some of you will remember my post about one of my dear piano teachers, in which I mentioned that she emphatically stated at our first meeting, "I teach teachers." I love that.

It is because of her dedication and love for teaching that I became a teacher. And it was also because of her help and constant encouragement. She actually found my very first student for me (her next-door neighbor). She encouraged me and gave me advice. But one of the most helpful things that she did was this: one week, instead of my regular lesson, she taught me a lesson on how to teach a first lesson.

Looking back on this, I think this was one of the best things she could have done for me. Teaching a first lesson can be nerve-wracking, especially if and when you don't have a clue what you are doing. It was so helpful to have her sit down with me and go over exactly what you should do on a first lesson.

I have had the privilege of teaching one of my own students a lesson on how to teach a first lesson. By this time I had quite a bit of experience to draw from, including pedagogy classes in college, but I still used quite a bit of the same material that my teacher taught me that day. It was actually a really cool feeling to encourage one of my own students to teach, just as my teacher had encouraged me. I would highly recommend encouraging some of your students to teach by teaching them how to teach a first lesson - after all, sometimes we just need a little push in the right direction!

What or who encouraged you to begin teaching? Did you have any help in learning what to do at the first lesson?

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