some poll results & a fun new topic

Well another week has gone by, and here are our poll results for this week's poll about your studio!

What kind of studio space do you have?

Thanks for participating in our poll! It's always interesting to see the results we get. We have also loved all the wonderful comments we've gotten this week. The comments are what really makes the blog great, because it turns into a discussion and we all help teach each other. Love it!

Now onto our new topic:
Teaching a FIRST Lesson.

Because let's be honest: we have all experienced that brief moment of panic when we are teaching our very. first. student. ever. and we realize we don't know what the heck we are doing. We thought this would be a useful topic :) Plus we have tried to go in a somewhat chronological order with our topics of the week, and once you get your studio set up, decide on a few policies, advertise and get a few students - that's when the teaching/fun begins!

So let's hear it: leave us a comment and tell us about your first lesson you've ever taught (this could be fun...). Or, tell us how you go about teaching a very first lesson to a beginning student. How about transfer students - how do you handle their first lesson with you? Any tips for teachers who are just starting out? Leave a comment - ready, go!

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