poll results & a new topic!

It's the end of our second week here at The Teaching Studio - thanks so much for reading and sharing! We have had many wonderful comments and ideas shared, we have a lot of new followers this week, and we are so excited that we got seventeen votes on our poll! Here are the poll results:

What has been your most effective way of finding new students?

The "other" answer that we had was:
contacting local music stores, giving them my info

Looking forward to this week:

Our topic this week is going to be Setting Up Your Studio: Studio Policies. So whip out your studio policies and get ready to share your great ideas! This could involve policies about tuition rates & billing, make-up lessons, practicing expectations, required supplies, recitals, etc. Should be a helpful week!

Also, if you have not taken our reader survey, take 1 or 2 minutes and fill it out! We would love to learn a little about you!

We also will be starting a regular feature where readers will have a chance to submit questions about teaching, and they will be answered (and hopefully discussed through readers' comments!) We want readers to have the chance to discuss the things that come up in their own teaching, whether or not it fits with the topic of the week. So, start thinking about the things you need a little inspiration on, and submit your questions here!

Have a wonderful week!

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