Piano Teaching Q&A: Curve Those Fingers!

Each week we will be featuring questions asked by our readers, and will do our best to answer them and to give some ideas :) We have had some wonderful questions that will be addressed in the next few weeks' topics. So, this week instead of answering a question, I'd actually like to submit a question to all of you

Here is my question: How do you reinforce the concept of playing with nice, curved fingers and help your young students to actually make it a habit? I have a seven-year-old boy that I teach who constantly forgets, and plays with flat fingers and collapsed knuckles. When I remind him, he fixes it immediately and plays with a great hand position. But after a few minutes he forgets and goes flat again!

yes those are the lovely curved fingers of Janina & yours truly.
So anyway, I'm afraid I sound like a broken record to this kid because I keep on reminding him over and over to "curve those fingers!" Any brilliant ideas to help reinforce this concept in a fun way?

oh and p.s. In case you have wondered, Janina has been SUPER busy as of late with her masters, moving her little family out of state, buying a home, etc. - so that is why she has taken a little "hiatus" - but don't you worry! She will be back! Let's send her some happy *you can do it* vibes her way!!!

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