Looking ahead to this week's topic!

Thanks for a fun first week on The Teaching Studio! We are super excited about the great comments we've received and the excitement about the site that we've seen from so many pianists and teachers, and that we already have some followers!

We have loved talking about the joy of teaching and hope that if you have any thoughts on this topic in the future that you will still feel free to comment on these posts and share why teaching is a joy to you (because sometimes we seriously need a little inspiration, am I right?). We will be keeping a list of links *here* to all our topics we discuss, and we hope that, with our posts along with wonderful posts from our contributors and comments from our readers, it will become a nice little database of teaching inspiration and ideas.

And speaking of the joy of teaching, here are our poll results for this week (thanks to all who participated!)

What about teaching is a JOY to you?

(isn't it sometimes so (sad but) true that the most joy you find is when the lesson is over??)

And now, looking ahead to this week's topic:
Setting Up Your Studio: Finding Students.

Be thinking about any comments and ideas you might have to share! This topic could include things such as advertising for students (how to get your name out there to actually get students), conducting interviews/auditions with prospective students, how to make yourself as a teacher and your studio appealing to prospective students, when to be picky about which students to let into your studio, specific things you do in your studio when you get new students, etc. We can't wait to hear your comments!

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