Contributor Bio: Jenny Jones

We are very excited about our contributors, who will be posting along with us on this blog and sharing their great insights and wonderful personalities! Here is our first little get-to-know-you. Welcome to our blog, Jenny! (*Jenny, I hope you don't mind that I borrowed this lovely picture from your facebook page!)

Jenny Jones

she is from:
Ft. Collins, CO. Right now we live in Madison, WI!

she is:
fond of baking, but not cooking; right-handed and mostly left-brained; a Trekkie!

she attended:
BYU and will be starting a master's at UW-Madison in the fall

teaching, babysitting, primary-ing

her studio:
have taught since high school but enjoying post-pedagogy-classes-teaching in my own studio

she loves:
Brad :)

she recently:
drank a banana milkshake and ran a 10k

read more:
not a piano blog, but just a life blog:

her posts:

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