Resources for Teaching Beginning Theory

Campbell, Anya. "Bea's Keys." Notes of Joy., March 3, 2010.
Campbell, Anya. "Playing for Jelly Beans." Notes of Joy., March 30, 2010.
Fink, Jennifer. "LEGO Rhythms." Jen's Piano Studio Blog. May 18, 2010.
Pfeifer, Robyn. "Making Music Fun." Teach Music Lessons, April 8, 2010.
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"Piano Preschool Snackmats." Heidi's Piano Studio, May 18, 2010. 

Online Theory Trainers, Games, and Quizzes
Free online music theory drills & theory concepts to explore
Online piano games
Music information, quizzes and games
46 online music theory lessons
theory lessons, trainers, staff paper generator
Ear training 

Printable Worksheets & Tools
free tools, worksheets, sightreading genie, dictionary of terms, infinite supply of manuscript paper, rhythm machine, articles, music crosswords and games
AWESOME website with free printable worksheets, fun composer bios/crossword puzzles, etc.
lots of free printable worksheets!

free downloadable resources

fun & creative printable worksheets and certificates, teaching ideas

Ideas for Lessons
Music Education Lesson Plans: Music Theory
resources for music educators, lots of fun game ideas
creative, practical and up-to-date resources for the independent music teacher
a blog about teaching piano lessons
teaching resources, games, activities, ideas
wonderful ideas for lessons!
more fun ideas 
some great games!

Theory Software
Piano & Music Theory Software Reviews
Review of Alfred's Theory Games 

Have fun with music composition!
Jazz fun!

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